Paint Valley @ Zane Trace
7:30 p.m.

Weather Forecast at Game Time
Temperature = 66 F
Chance of Rain = 20%
"The PV offense is always well coached with many adjustments as the game
progresses. They utilize multiple formations with misdirection to create
mismatches and big plays. Wisecup is leading the line to give Dove time to
distribute the ball to Tyree and Parker to generate large gains and a ton of
points lately. The defense is playing well with a difficult to block pressure
package and great effort. The entire team is playing at a high level, and I'm sure
Coaches Hollon, Medved, Mahaffey, and Burke will have them motivated to
finish the year with a big win."

-Coach Peters when asked about his overall impression of this year’s Paint Valley squad
"Zane Trace is solid fundamentally - very few weaknesses.
Kirk Maxwell plays with a great deal of confidence and his
role players seem to carry that confidence as well."

-Coach Hollon on what makes ZT so good
"While, as coaches, we are constantly monitoring the mindset of our students, it
is very difficult to predict what teenage young men are focusing in on at the
time. We leave the job of making sure everyone is on the same page mentally to
our seniors. They have a fine body of work so far this season and we are sure
they will continue to do so this week. The only thing we can control is this
week's preparation by maximizing our effort and attitude to produce our best
effort this week. Next week is not an issue until this week's work is completed."

-Coach Peters when asked how he feels his team will handle the pressure of the gold ball, outright
title, and possible playoff
"No turnovers, win the line of
scrimmage, and tackle well..."

-Coach Hollon on what his Bearcats must do to have a chance to pull the upset
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