's Student Section Challenge
SVCsportszone is in the process of
selecting a committee of various
people that are familiar with SVC
sports but are no longer directly
involved with a particular school.
The committee will also involve
coaches, local administrators, fans,
and even some players that will be
given a chance to evaluate the
student sections (this group will not
be able to vote for their own school).
The elements of a great student section are as follows:

1. BE A GROUP: The great student sections are known by a name and
are thought of as one group. Looking back over the years, “The Pit
Crew,� “2 Live Crew,� “Section 8� and many others
were well known by everyone around the SVC. You knew when you
traveled to certain places what to expect in terms of handling your
opponent’s home court advantage.

2. KNOW THE GAME: Another element of a great student section is
having kids that know the game. Chants need to be relevant to the
game. Often times this is helped by knowing something about your
own team and your opponent.

3.  BE CREATIVE, BE UNIQUE: The best student sections have a few
different characteristics that set themselves apart from other student
sections. This could be in terms of the way they dress, the way they
chant, or the overall atmosphere they give a gym.

4. GOOD CLEAN FUN: I am a big believer that “society� has
hurt student sections. I know this competition is probably a nightmare
to local administrations, so I want our students to utilize sportsmanship,
maturity, and conduct themselves with class. In the spirit of
competition, there is a big difference between cheering and taunting.
Keep it clean! Keep it fun! Be creative enough to lift your team, annoy
the other team, and dominate the atmosphere without going over the
Throughout the year,
SVCsportszone will be at every
gym. Often times we will announce
early in the week when we are
coming; however, there will be
times we show up unannounced to
evaluate the consistency of the
students throughout the entire
The winner will be
given a banner to
hang in their gym to
show their
championship status!