By Shayne Combs, SVCsportszone.com
Basketball battles are so much fun,
but it’s goodbye to the snow and hello to the sun.

The sound of a gun starting the races -
the crack of the bat clearing the bases.
Spring is times divided into splits.
It is hustling down the line for an infield hit.
Spring is distant running that makes you feel like you’re
It is long, late hours draggin’ the diamond.
Spring is photo finishes that leave second-place sour.
It is the would-be homerun hitters with warning track power.
Spring is individual races as well as relays.
It is two-out rallies and double plays.
Spring is clearing opening height as athletes soar.
It is sunflower seeds on the dugout floor.
Spring is running the backstretch into a stiff breeze.
It is risky plays like a suicide squeeze.
Spring is a long jumper launching into flight.
It is a hitter guessing fastball and guessing just right.

Even though fun, spring still has miscues.
Like false starts and errors to name a few.
Like stepping out of your lane to prevent you from winning,
or running a stop sign in the game’s final inning.
Like an arched back failing to clear the bar,
or a runner in a pickle because they went too far.

The SVC has plenty to offer this spring.
It will be interesting to see what the season will bring.
ZT and Hatfield perhaps ready to repeat -
as is
Unioto boys with a roster so deep.
Wolfe and the Mustangs look to regain the crown,
but no doubt a loaded league hopes to knock them down.
Zimmerman and Brabson gone, how will the Streaks do?
Is this perhaps the year for
Detty and her two-shade blue?
Too early to tell, but not too early to care –
For there is no doubt, spring is in the air.
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