Cody Smith & Jordan Brabson are now the sixth pair of classmates to score 1,000 points
Ronnie Shoemaker & Vernard Knapp, PV (51-54)
Jim Johnson & Lou Speakman, Buckskin (60-63)
Jeff Reisinger & Chip Maxwell, ZT (67-70)
Aaron Skeens & Mike Adams, Southeastern (87-90)
Kyle Miller & Eric Farmer, Piketon (02-05)
1,000th in flight
In the picture above, Jordan Brabson's 1,000th career point is on its way. The free throw makes
Brabson the 76th boy in the history of the SVC to join the club, and he and teammate Cody Smith
become the sixth pair of classmates to reach the list together.

The high-scoring duo now looks to lead their Redstreaks to a district title. Standing in the way is a third
date with the Westfall Mustangs. Piketon's high-powered offensive attack along with their incredible size
and athleticism makes them a favorite to complete the hat trick; however, no team is as hot as Westfall
over the last three weeks.

The all-SVC district title game will take place Saturday night at the Convo in Athens.