Roll tops my individual list
Coach McAvene wins COY
The SVC coaches voted Sunday (results should be available later this week), so while we wait, I thought
I would throw out my opinion. The following list is the opinion of's Shayne
Combs. It in no way reflects the opinion of the coaches around the SVC. Agree or disagree, email
comments and/or questions, and I will respond to some of them over the next week.
Clay Roll, Adena (POY)
Cody Smith, Piketon
Bryant Gibson, Westfall
Jordan Brabson, Piketon
Kirk Maxwell, Zane Trace
Matt Workman, Paint Valley
Tyler Kritsch, Westfall
Corey Cottrill, Huntington
Evan Legg, Piketon
Gabe Haynes, Zane Trace
Tyler Cobb, Westfall
Alex Kimsey, Unioto
Buddy Barnes, Adena
Drew Trusty, Huntington
Devin Willard, Southeastern
Caleb Southworth, Piketon
Craig Magill, Huntington
Jordan Elam, Southeastern
D.J. Merriman, Zane Trace
Zach Skaggs, Adena
Rick Chamberlin, Zane Trace
Josh Long, Paint Valley
Quentin Detillion, Unioto
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e-mails and respond to them later this week. Thanks to all the fans for their support with our
new website, and best of luck to all the SVC teams in the upcoming tournament!
SVCsportszone would like to credit the above photo (the Alex
Kimsey dunk) to Kim Cottrell
In a league that was senior-loaded this year, I will go with senior Clay Roll of Adena as my POY. Not a
difficult choice really. By far - in my opinion - the most talented player in the league, Roll is an improved
defender at over three steals per game, and no one can doubt his offensive ability. Roll scored over 20
points per game this season to cap off a career that has the Adena star pushing the top-20 scorers in the
history of the league.

For COY, I go to Westfall and Travis McAvene. Westfall had an outstanding run to share the title with
Piketon. Obviously, Piketon’s Jeff Lisath is another great candidate; however, I give McAvene the
nod based on where I personally had Westfall entering the season.

On the first-team, joining Roll is a pair of Redstreaks. Cody Smith and Jordan Brabson both enjoyed
great years leading Piketon to an 18-2 regular season and an SVC crown. Smith is one the elite scorers in
the league, and Brabson has been a great complement scoring the basketball and proving to be one of the
best small-forward rebounders in the league.

Also on first-team, I go with Bryant Gibson. The Westfall floor general stuffed the stat sheet every night.
The lefty not only scored the basketball, but he was the league’s top on-ball defender and was the
constant motor that sparked Westfall on the defensive end.

In the last spot, I will give the nod to Kirk Maxwell over Paint Valley’s Matt Workman. I know many
people have a problem with a bottom-half team getting a first-teamer; however, as the league’s third
leading scorer and fourth leading rebounder, I believe Workman deserves to be in the top-five discussion.
In the end, I just feel Maxwell's overall game and overall year - a year where ZT still never really had a
PG and Maxwell was forced to do a lot for this team - makes him the choice for the fifth spot..

Starting my second five, I have  two other players that enter the discussion when talking about first team.
Tyler Kritsch of Westfall and Huntington's Corey Cottrill all had outstanding years in terms of stats, but at
decision time, I lean towards Gibson and Brabson in their championship seasons and towards Maxwell
with his great individual season.

Sorting these top-eight players out was very difficult. With all things considered, I believe there is no way
you can argue my first four not being on first-team. After that, Kritsch and Cottrill really made a late push,
but I think it is unfair to overlook Maxwell and Workman's overall season. This left me with one last tough
choice between Maxwell and Workman, and I just felt the Maxwell has filled the overall stat sheet too
much to leave him out of the top-five.

Joining Workman, Kritsch, and Cottrill, I would go with a pair of outstanding guards. Piketon's Evan Legg
and Zane Trace's Gabe Haynes both had great seasons. Legg, a sophomore point guard, doesn’t
have the overall stats that a Smith or Brabson has posted, but you could argue that Legg is their team
MVP. He was the one guy they simply couldn’t play without, and few players have posted the
numbers that Haynes has posted over the second half of the season.

For third-team, I go with two great defenders in Adena’s Buddy Barnes and Westfall's Tyler Cobb. I
also include one of the league’s top defensive players in Unioto’s Alex Kimsey. As I said earlier
with Workman on first-team, many people may have a problem with a one-win team getting a player in the
top-15; however, there is no way you can leave Kimsey and his league-leading rebounding total and top
shot blocking total off the list.

Completing the team is Southeastern’s Devin Willard and Huntington’s Drew Trusty. Willard
struggled with some consistency here and there, but had some huge games for the Panthers. Trusty got off
to a big start and then cooled off a little when Magill returned to the line-up, but overall, he has to be on
the all-league list in my opinion.

The biggest overall snub on my list would be Piketon’s Caleb Southworth (SVC fans look to see
where Caleb finished on my ALL-SVC DEFENSIVE TEAM – to be released next week). I also think
some of these other names on my honorable mention list had solid years, but injuries and inconsistent play
just do not allow them to make my top-15.