's 2009-2010 All-SVC Girls Basketball
Driggs, Arledge share top honor as Cottrell joins them in top five
Balanced Warriors & Pioneers earn three total spots as well
Coach of the Year, Cyndy Driggs, Unioto: I really debated on this award because I felt Jeran Cox at Adena did a
great job in his first year not to mention the great strides that Coach Coreno and Coach Simmons have made at
Piketon and Westfall respectively. In the end, I just felt like 18-1 with wins over Indian Hill, Logan Elm, Washington
Court House, Adena, and Zane Trace twice makes her the choice. I realize she has loaded talent but really the same
could be said for the top three teams in this year’s league, so I will go on the final results to name Driggs in a
close call.


Co-Player of the Year, Janae Driggs & Mackenzie Arledge, Unioto: It really is hard to debate this year’s
POY selection unless you are debating between teammates. Mackenzie Arledge did have an incredible year in which
she led the league in scoring and rebounding. Janae Driggs filled an equally impressive stat sheet finishing second in
the league in scoring while leading the league in steals. With all this said, there is no way I can pick one without the
other; therefore, I start my list with Co-POYs in the SVC this season.

Jenny Grigsby, Adena: It is impossible to put Adena players in order. I really feel like Adena has six of the top 21
or 22 players in the SVC, so trying to put them in order is really tough. For example, I have talked to four or five
good basketball people from around the league and it is amazing how you get a different name every time you ask
who their best player is this year. I just feel like Grigsby is their most complete player. When you look at both ends
of the floor, all aspects of the offensive end, and the stats, I just feel this is the Adena player who deserves first
team. Again, if someone wanted to argue someone different that is an argument that could be made. I feel Smith is the
most talented player who takes Adena to another level. I feel Yates is their leader. I feel Givens is their most
consistent, so who knows. I will say Grigsby in my third spot.

Jess Roepke, Zane Trace: The Lady Pioneers are also always tough to sort out come voting time because of their
great balance. I give Roepke a slight edge on my list over teammate McKenzee Tatman just because of the attention I
felt she had to shoulder to post her numbers. Roepke averaged just less than 12 points per game for most of the year
while grabbing over six rebounds per game. She also knocks down a league leading percentage from the free throw line.

Chloe Cottrell, Unioto: I know a lot of fans will have a problem with three Unioto kids being on first team, but I
am not going to cheat a kid for being a top-five talent just because she is playing on the same team with the best two
players in the league. Cottrell is a versatile player who does a little bit of everything, but the stat about her that you
love the most is her winning percentage. Add up her sophomore, junior, and senior seasons and you get three league
titles and an ability to count her losses on one hand.


Holly Brabson, Piketon: Just like a year ago, Brabson continued to quietly be one of the league’s best players
as she finished in the top five of both scoring and rebounding.

Catherine Dresbach, Southeastern: One of the most complete players in the league, Dresbach finished top five in
scoring and in the top 10 of rebounds and assists. Dresbach has a very young supporting cast, and I thought she did
a great job of leading her team this season. In fact, if I had one thing about her game this year that I did not like, it
would be that she was too unselfish at times.

Brytan Givens, Adena: I think Givens is an experienced player who made the transition for some of the younger
players such as Grigsby and Smith easier. Givens scored almost 10 points per game and was one of the league’s
premiere three point shooters.

Makenzie Wippel, Westfall: The senior has really become one of the elite players in the league this season. Wippel
is a top five scorer and rebounder while shooting a great percentage from the line and producing one of the league's
top totals from three-point land..

McKenzee Tatman, Zane Trace: Tatman was a major contributor to Zane Trace’s third-place finish. Tatman
averaged close to double figures while dishing out nearly three assists and recording nearly three steals per game.


Madison Vickers, Huntington: In a rebuilding year for the Lady Huntsmen, Vickers is definitely a top 15 player.
Vickers is a great athlete who plays with a lot of energy. She can score it, rebound it, and is one of the league’s
top defenders as well.

Whitney Hollon & Abbie Walls, Paint Valley: Hollon put up totals that kept her in the league leaders throughout
the year in scoring, rebounding, assists, and steals. Two or three tough league losses will cost Paint Valley from
perhaps finishing as high as fourth or fifth place. With them finishing where they did, I think this could hurt Hollon
and Walls in the vote with the coaches, but no way could I leave these two off of my list. Walls has been a top-10
scorer in the league all season.

Autumn Smith, Adena: As I said earlier, I felt Smith was a top five talent in this league, and as the season moves
towards the end, she is the player that has the skill to take Adena to a completely different level. No player in the
league is as good with the ball as Smith and the more she becomes comfortable in decision-making the worse things
are going to get for SVC opponents.

Sierra Sigman, Zane Trace: A very talented junior who can do a lot of things. She provided ZT with perimeter
scoring while also recording 2.5 steals per game. Like Adena, ZT is going to be balanced when they are at their best,
but this is the one ZT player who can really score it in a variety of ways.

Alex Southworth, Piketon: The first winning season at Piketon in a decade had a lot to do with the play of this 6â
€™0â€� sophomore. Southworth has been at the top of the  league in assists all year while scoring 10 points per
game and pulling down seven rebounds per game.

Just missing the list: Like any year, there are always going to be players that finish in that 16-20 section, and they
all probably can make a case for deserving a top-15 slot. You could make this case for nearly every other starter on
(Erin Bane), Adena (Kirsti Yates, Olivia Arledge, & Kelsey Bielanow) and Zane Trace (Erin Dailey)
when you consider their team success.

Even on some of the bottom half teams, you have individuals that had all-league type seasons. For example,
of Westfall and Tori Pelphrey of Piketon are two players who come to mind.
Shayne Combs,