Jordan tops my individual list
Coach Driggs wins COY
The SVC coaches voted Sunday (results should be available later this week), so while we wait, I
thought I would throw out my opinion. The following list is the opinion of's
Shayne Combs. It in no way reflects the opinion of the coaches around the SVC. Agree or
disagree, email comments and/or questions, and I will respond to some of them over the next
week. Also, check back next week for my list from the boys' side.
Ashley Jordan, Adena
Shiann Ray, Unioto
Mackenzie Arledge, Unioto
Heather Burns, Piketon
Jess Roepke, Zane Trace
Tristan Rumfield, Paint Valley
Janae Driggs, Unioto
Chloe Cottrell, Unioto
Bridgette Neighbors, Huntington
Holly Brabson, Piketon
Abbie Walls, Paint Valley
Makenzie Wippel, Westfall
Catherine Dresbach, SE
Madison Vickers, Huntington
Brytan Givens, Adena
*Just about any other starter
Adena and/or Zane Trace -
again I thought their balanced
was great
Mika Bowles, Huntington
Erica Barker, Paint Valley
Alex Southworth, Piketon
Taylor Corcoran, Unioto
When putting this list together, the most bizarre
thing is my lack of Adena and Zane Trace girls;
however, the more I analyze this year’s
league, I feel Zane Trace and Adena are at 11-3
because of their depth of talent. I feel they both
have a top-five player, and then a bunch of
athletes that would show up if I were to extend
the list 16 through 30.

After the top three teams, I really feel like each
team has one or two top-15 players. These teams
dropped in the standings because they did not
have the overall depth; however, many of them
had some all-league talent leading the way.

With coach of the year, I go with Cyndy Driggs. I
realize she was loaded this season, but I give her
credit for how her team played together. It isnâ
€™t always easy to get high school kids willing
to give up individual stats to accomplish the great
team things that they have accomplished (and still
are going to accomplish in the postseason). Plus,
no team really finished much higher or lower than
I expected entering the season.

My POY is Ashley Jordan of Adena. After a
slow start she really carried this team. I will not
argue with a person who says that Shiann Ray is
the most talented basketball player in the league,
but Unioto’s overall top four players have
more to do with where they finished That is why
I have those four owning half of my top eight

I also felt like Heather Burns of Piketon had to be
on the first-team. Piketon had various times
where some of her key supporting cast members
were out, and she proved to be a great scorer who
could carry her team.

Unless you believe Unioto deserved three on first-
team (and I did think about it), probably the
biggest first-team snub is Paint Valley’s
Tristan Rumfield. The senior averaged a league-
best 10.4 rebounds and was a top-10 scorer as
well. In the end, I gave the nod to Jess Roepke
because her overall numbers were comparable,
and she played on an 11-3 team – a team that
does not have another player on my list.

Bridgette Neighbors of Huntington and Holly
Brabson of Piketon take two spots on my second-
team. Neighbors averaged double-figures on a
team that played an extremely slow tempo, and
she is one of the league’s great defenders and
competitors. Brabson is averaging close to a
double-double posting a league’s third-best
rebounding total.

With the third-team, I think the theme with these
players is many of them have had great seasons,
but they have all flown under the radar so to
speak. Abbie Walls of Paint Valley has had a
solid year. The sophomore averaged 10 points
per contest, and Westfall’s Makenzie Wippel
has had a consistent season averaging 11 points
and eight rebounds per game. Catherine Dresbach
of Southeastern averaged a league’s fourth-
best 12.1 point per game, and Madison Vickers of
Huntington has been a top-10 scorer and
rebounder throughout most of the season.

My final spot brings me back to my Zane
Trace and Adena situation. I went with
Brytan Givens from Adena. I have been
through enough SVC voting procedures to
know that there is no way Adena and Zane
Trace – both at 11-3 and tied for second-
place – will not get a second player in the
official voting, but in my opinion (for this
article), they are both where they are at
because of great play from their star and
incredible depth of athletes. For ZT, after
Roepke the Lady Pioneers have five players
averaging between five and nine points.

Individually, teams like Huntington, Piketon, and
Paint Valley matched up fairly well with Adena
and Zane Trace in terms of their top two or three
players, but where Zane Trace and Adena found a
way to avoid some really close calls came from
their ability to get contributions from so many
different people. They were able to survive
injuries, foul trouble, and other adversities that
the middle-of-the-pack teams could not
overcome. This is why I say ZT and Adena could
have many honorable mention selections. In the
old voting style, I could see three, maybe even
four, players from both teams earning this honor.

As for other selections, Paint Valley's Erica
Barker has had a solid career and a good senior
season. I also think Mika Bowles from
Huntington is worthy of mention, and Piketon's
Alex Southworth is one of the league's best young
players. I also have to give Unioto's fifth starter,
Taylor Corcoran, some mention with her giving
so many "little things" to an unbeaten team.
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