's 2010 All-SVC Boys Basketball Team
Maxwell edges out Legg for POY
Coach of the Year, Bryan Alley, Zane Trace: I thought Coach
Alley did a wonderful job keeping this team together through the early
season adversity. He has had them peaking throughout the second
half of the season. I also feel Rick Uhrig has done an outstanding job
of mixing experienced guards around a sophomore go-to guy and
making Huntington a top half team in this year’s league.


Player of the Year, Kirk Maxwell, Zane Trace: Maxwell kept
Zane Trace’s head above water through a lot of adversity early in
the season. The senior then helped his Pioneers start to pull away
from the rest of the league. Maxwell averaged a little over 20 points
per game, six rebounds, and four assists. He also was one of the
league’s top three-point shooters while leading his ZT team to an
outright title.

Evan Legg, Piketon: If you want to call Legg the league’s best
player I will not argue that point at all. I felt a year ago that Legg was
extremely underappreciated and he has had an incredible year this
season. Legg led the league in scoring while also posting totals in
assists, free throw shooting, and steals that were close to the top. In
the end, I just give Maxwell the slim advantage.

Zak Smith, Westfall: Smith dominated the paint this season in the
SVC. The junior averaged almost 13 points per game while pulling
down a league best 12.2 rebounds per game. I thought Smith did a
great job playing consistently while helping lead several first year
varsity players.

Dylan Gragg, Huntington: This sophomore really stormed on the
varsity scene early this season and never looked back. Gragg
averaged right around a double-double at 17 points and 10 rebounds
while leading his Huntsmen to an outright third-place finish.

Gabe Haynes, Zane Trace: Games missed or not this kid is first
team. You can’t argue with the win-loss record in full games
played and games missed. The presence of Haynes gives ZT arguably
the league’s best perimeter defender which also allows his
teammates to move to more favorable match-ups. Haynes also gives
ZT another ball handler that can create offense for himself and his


Michael Brown, Southeastern:  This kid is going to be extremely
tough to handle the next two years. Brown scored 13 points per
game while grabbing 7.5 rebounds per game. If not for a hand injury
that slowed him down in the middle of the season, these stats could
be even more impressive.

Keenan Brush, Piketon: The 6’6� junior really started to
show signs of dominance throughout the second half of the season.
Brush improved on the offensive end, but the defensive end is where
he really impacted games. He averaged nine rebounds while blocking
a league best 3.2 shots per game.

Shane Maier, Unioto: Unioto is a hard team to sort out because they
do not have one guy that stands out as a premiere player. Maier has
been the most consistent Unioto player in my opinion scoring just
under 10 points per game and pulling down just over eight rebounds
per game.

Rick Chamberlin, Zane Trace: Chamberlin averaged nearly nine
rebounds while producing a little over two blocks per game. The
senior was improved on the offensive end, but defensively, he gives
ZT a much needed presence in a league that has five other all-league
centers in my opinion.

Kyle Deal, Huntington: A senior guard who fans really need to see
in person to appreciate his impact. Not a player that will always stuff
the stat sheet; however, he is an experienced guard that really
understands how to keep Gragg involved, and can provide some
perimeter scoring when needed. Deal helped lead Huntington to the
third-place finish.


Logan Markko, Paint Valley: One of the league’s most
skilled post players, Markko averaged 10 points and six
rebounds while blocking two shots per night as well. The junior
posted solid numbers in a league that presented some solid
competition on the frontline.

Brick Davis, Unioto: A really underrated player in the league in
terms of versatility. A great rebounding guard at over seven per
game, Davis also scores around nine points and dishes out over three
assists per game.

Codey Musselman, Westfall: A nice complement to Smith,
Musselman posted 10 and six in terms of points and rebounds. The
lefty finishes a nice career winning a league championship as a junior
and now producing all-league numbers as a senior.

Tyler Osborne, Southeastern: One of the league’s best athletes,
Osborne averaged over 11 points per game while dishing out four
assists per game. As one of the league’s most talented
underclassmen duos, Osborne and Brown give Panther fans plenty to
be optimistic about in 2011.

Drew Davis, Zane Trace: Davis was outstanding in the absence of
Haynes and then continued to deliver big shots throughout the entire
season. One of the league’s top three point and free throw
shooters, Davis finished with top five league totals in both. I do think
Joel Tripp deserves an equal look in this spot; however, I give a slight
advantage to Davis due to his contributions in the early season when
the Pioneers were limited at guard due to injury and disciplinary

Just missing out: As I said before, Tripp of ZT was in the mix
as was a second guy from
Paint Valley. The problem here is you
can’t really pick a second guy from
Garett Tyree, Aaron
Claytor, and Caleb Stratton
because they are all so similar in
production. I also looked at a third from
Piketon, but after losing
Southworth, I thought Piketon had several solid players, but none
that were worthy of the top 15. Some may even say
€™s C.J. Seymour
deserved a look, but I just felt Deal was a
little more valuable to this year’s team. Finally, I didn’t
forget about
Adena. I feel they have two or three young kids that
are going to really be solid players in this league before they are
done; however, this season I did not feel they had an all-league