By Shayne Combs,

I am opened minded to the fact that Erin Dailey and Sierra Sigman are two of the top five in terms of
talent, but if I were to say I wasn’t surprised when I saw that ZT received two first-teamers I would
be a liar. As I said in my article, I thought Paint Valley’s Abbie Walls deserved the fifth spot. Walls
was second in the league in scoring while still averaging a league’s third-best three assists per game.
This is another example of how all-league voting can be influenced by where a team finishes in the
standings. Walls has been a victim of this in the voting in each of the past three years. I thought her 34
points against Westfall (the best individual scoring performance by any player in the SVC this season)
sealed the deal, but the coaches thought different. Again, Dailey and Sigman are both very talented and
both very deserving. Even though I didn’t like the term above, it is kind of a game of numbers. You
have six players and five spots. Walls was the one left off.