By Shayne Combs,

You were one of many emails questioning the absence of Jenna Wiget on my All-SVC squad. First, let
me say I knew these emails were coming as soon as I posted the article, so I do look at the other side of
this argument as legitimate. Jenna is a very good point guard. I thought she played a vital role in Zane
Trace’s 15-5 season. The one thing I did take from your email was the fact that I perhaps used a
poor choice of words when I said victim of numbers. What I meant by that is that many years – like this
one – you have 18 or 19 deserving kids for 15 spots. You are always going to have three or four kids
who have an argument for one of those spots who end up being left off the list. In the end, I could have
replaced a ZT teammate or a player on my third-team with Wiget, and in that case, I would be answering
an email about why I snubbed that player.

When choosing individual honors, I do feel stats are important to look at; however, you have to take the
teams into consideration. Often times, when a player plays on a team in the bottom half of the league, that
player is going to be asked to do more. They will often be keyed on a little more, and the game is made
harder for them because they are playing on teams that are not as talented which is going to make
scoring, assists, and other stats harder to come by.

On the other end, you sometimes have kids on great teams who are asked to play a lesser role; therefore,
the stats of the player will be lower. I know many people do not think the league standings should matter
when voting for individual honors. I see both sides, and I usually look at it as a case-by-case situation. I
will admit Unioto’s ability to win this year’s league by two full games had a lot to do with why I
selected four Unioto players.

Lastly, the all-league list was released today, and Wiget is on the third-team. I honestly was happy to see
that she made third-team because I never doubted she was a top-15 talent. I just have never seen the
SVC give a team that did not win at least a share of the league four players. I had started my boys’
article today, and I am not even certain that Piketon’s boys, who will most likely win the gold ball,
will get four. I am the first to admit that I am a little old school when it comes to voting, and I think this
year’s vote does prove that coaches are becoming a little more open-minded in terms of trying to get
the best 15 players on the list.