Adena & Huntington to meet for third time
By Shayne Combs,
As SVC rivals Adena and Huntington prepare to meet for a third time this season on Wednesday night at
Logan, there are plenty of numbers to throw back-and-forth. For Adena, it is a case of been here, done
this as the Lady Warriors have been a member of the Sweet 16 in all but two years since 1989. For
Huntington, the Lady Huntsmen return to regional tournament for the first time since the fall of 1994. Now
working somewhat as a member of the media, I remember as a coach and a player that these numbers do
not have a lot to do with anything that is going to happen this Wednesday night. A recent email to the
inbox helped me realize this:

EMAIL: As someone who loves SVC volleyball, I think it is a big advantage for Adena to get to
play so many SVC teams in the tournament. It almost becomes a big psychological advantage
because they have beaten the league teams so many times in a row. Do you think Huntington
has a chance? I know you have seen all the teams play a bunch. What will be the key? As a
former coach, what would you say to the Huntington girls to pump them up and to get them not
thinking about Adena being so good?

Although I think Adena is a big favorite, I do think Huntington has a chance if they can compete in the
service game. The last time I watched these two teams play one another; the Adena attack was so quick
and so efficient that Huntington was a step behind the entire night.

It is going to be important for Huntington to serve tough to the proper spots to try and slow down the
Adena attack. Michelle Ackley leads a back row that is full of very good passers, and if setter Cadie
Cory is given just a decent pass she is going to read the defense and get Olivia Arledge, Jenny Grigsby,
and the other Adena hitters an open net all night long. The other part of this is Huntington’s serve
receive. The Lady Huntsmen do have the weapons to compete at the net such as Jackie Kellough and
Zoey Zickafoose, but this can only happen if Alayna Lytle and the rest of Huntington’s passers are
passing the ball on target to setter Halie Ingram.

As far as what I would say to the girls to “pump� them up, I would probably say little. With it being
the regional semifinal, I wouldn’t think much more motivation is needed, but instead, it probably is
more of – has you said in your email – a psychological thing. For Adena, I would think the ultimate
focus on doing what they do is the number one focal point. For Huntington, I think it is just important to
get past the name Adena on the jersey. I would try to get the Huntington kids to realize that it is irrelevant
how many games Adena has won over the last 20 years in the SVC, and try to get them to focus on just
beating Adena to 25 in the first set Wednesday night.

Wednesday’s all-SVC regional semifinal will follow the 6 p.m. match between Tusky Valley and
Bloom Carroll. WKKJ will start pregame coverage at approximately 7:15 p.m. The two winners will
return to Logan on Saturday to play for the regional championship. The finals will start at 2 p.m. and with
an SVC team assured of a spot, WKKJ will once again broadcast with pregame starting at 1:45 p.m.
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