Friday, November 21st
Ohio University-Chillicothe
Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
Game 4
*Each game was two-quarters
*15-minute warm-up
A good night of basketball at OU-C Friday helped tip-off the
2008-2009 basketball season. It is sometimes hard to see how the
complete team will be in the preview; however, you can always get a
feel for individual talent and other various intangibles that help fans to
start putting teams in order.

In game one, I thought Ashley Jordan looked good. I like how she is
getting some opportunities to score in transition as well as the half
court. The biggest offensive lift for the Warriors is Megan Davidson.
This senior has always been one of the league's best athletes, but now,
she is getting more involved in the scoring. Her skill set is perfect for
the shuffle offense. She moves well without the ball and is really
showing the ability to shoot off both the catch and the dribble.
Davidson scored eight points in about eight minutes last night and
could prove to be a big factor in Adena trying to slow down Unioto
and Zane Trace in the chase for the title.

With Adena I thought they had some solid perimeter play with Brytan
Givens, Brittney Snyder, Kirsti Yates, and Brooke Snyder, but another
difference-maker could be Kelsey Bielanow. I love Bielanow's
footwork down low. Playing with Jordan, she is going to have room to
work. This could give Adena some inside scoring.

On the other side, I was impressed with Casie Zimmerman. This
sophomore continues to play with a broken rib, but is very talented.
She can score and create shots for others. I think Coach Simmons is
doing some nice things with this group on the defensive end. They will
have trouble competing with the top three teams, but as the year goes
on this will be a team that continues to get better.

Game two showed about what I planned to see. Zane Trace has a lot of
depth and athleticism. The Lady Pioneers had nine players score in the
two-quarter game. I like Sierra Sigman's game, and I was also impressed
with Makinzee Tatman's ability to handle the ball. Jessica Roepke,
Amanda Prickett, and the continued development of Erin Dailey could
be the key for ZT. These frontline players will have to play big for ZT
to compete with Unioto and Adena.

With Huntington, there are several athletes who can run the floor,
defend, and rebound, but I just wonder where the offense is going to
come from this year. It is early and kids are adjusting to new roles, but
this is a team that is really searching for offense. What I do like is there
abililty to defend. I think it is important that they create some scoring
opportunities off their defense. Individually, I do think Bridgette
Neighbors has the ability to score a little, and several of their athletes
can score off of cuts and offensive rebouding as long as their ball
handling and passing allow them to run a fluent offense.

In the third game, Unioto looked very impressvie. I am looking for a
weakness in this team, but to this point, I have been unsuccessful in
finding one. Guards Janae Driggs, Shiann Ray, Chloe Cottrell, and Erin
Bane combined for over 30 points in just two quarters, and their ability
to play in the open-court makes Unioto very explosive. This team
scored just shy of half-a-hundred and that is with Mackenzie Arledge
scoring just two points in the uptempo contest.

In fairness to Piketon, the Lady Redstreaks were playing without
several starters. I still think this can be a team that competes for that
final spot in the top-half. This will be a team that has a chance to put
two almost six-footers on the floor in Andrea Beekman and Alex
Southworth as well as a great scorer in Heather Burns. Playing a team
like Unioto without these three gave them no chance to compete, so I
wouldn't take too much from this game in terms of evaluating Piketon.

In the final game, I thought Southeastern had some great size and some
solid young talent. Like in volleyball, I think some of the younger
athletes have a bright future. I thought Olivia Arledge did some nice
things in the post, and SE has nice size at guard as well. Southeastern
can really cause some trouble for teams when they get big in their
scrimmage area zone. They will have trouble competing in the fullcourt
with the top three teams, but after that, this team will be very
competitive this season.

As for Paint Valley, I thought Abbie Walls played really well. The
sophomore knocked down three triples. It is a must for Paint Valley
that Tristan Rumfield, Erica Barker, and Walls stay out of foul trouble.
This is a team that has a lot of inexperience on the depth chart after
that, and will need their three leaders on the floor for as close to
32-minutes as possible to be competitive. Dacia Posey is a solid
spot-up shooter and their depth will be helped a little with the return
of Heather Bennett in a few weeks.

Overall, I wouldn't change much in ranking the teams. Unioto is the
team to beat with Adena and Zane Trace fighting for those next two
spots. After that, it is wide open. I still think Piketon could be a
sleeper for the four-hole, but I will not know until I can see them.
Should be a solid year in the SVC.
Paint Valley's Abbie Walls scored 10
points in Friday night's preview.
Unioto's Mackenzie Arledge takes
the tip to get game three underway
Friday night at OU-C
Huntington senior guard
Bridgette Neighbors
Westfall's Jessica Shannon takes a
shot during Friday night's