By Shayne Combs,
Fall equals return
for SVC sports
After a long, hot summer without an SVC sport -
Fall marks the return to the course, field, and court.

Fall is a fairway off the opening tee.
It is driving into the red zone, but settling for three.
Fall is scoring a goal off a great corner kick.
It is a setter and middle hitter running a quick.
Fall is missing the green, but getting up and down.
It is a pancake from the libero before the ball hits the ground.
Fall is a Friday night fight song with the sound of the band.
It is a three mile run across the lay of the land.
Fall is double blocks, digs, and aces.
It is a QB releasing a spiral after finding the laces.
Fall is a great save by a goalie with the match still in doubt.
It is a big play for six on an out-and-up route.
Fall is finding something extra on the last mile of a race.
It is hammering the perfect jump serve for a match-clinching ace.
Fall is a hard-hitting linebacker that is just plain mean.
It is chipping in for birdie from just off the green.
Fall is tooling the block to record the kill.
It is saving par with a quick putt downhill.
Fall is an unexpected back row attack.
It is a drive stalling because of a quarterback sack.

As we know preseason is all about predictions,
and differing opinions can lead to contradictions.
With SVC volleyball, it starts with the two-shade blue.
They often leave you wondering how they do what they do.
The streak starts at a whopping 84 straight.
Another gold ball will take them to 98.
Some say Adena in football with the league much deeper,
but other opinions say Westfall with Zane Trace as a sleeper.
In golf Unioto is usually the preseason guess,
but Southeastern’s program is showing signs of success.
The Lady Tanks in soccer return all from their regional run.
It should make for another fall full of fun.
As for cross country, it appears a chase for second place.
As Unioto boys and ZT girls make it a lopsided race.
If you like changes, the league will have them.
Like no Merriman at Westfall - that’s just hard to fathom.
Huntington football also went a new way
as a former SVC signal caller now calls the plays.

So much for predictions, let’s see how it starts playing out -
with plenty for SVCsportszone to be talking about.