Sophomore floor general gives Piketon a Legg up on the competition
When a team is led by two 1,000 point seniors, it is hard not to
start with the names Cody Smith and Jordan Brabson when
highlighting this year’s Piketon Redstreaks. On top of
those prolific scorers, there is Caleb Southworth – who in my
opinion – is the best defender and overall athlete in the
Scioto Valley Conference. This Piketon trio more than
deserves all the attention and accolades that they have
received; however, when it comes to pinpointing the most
valuable piece of the puzzle, I believe Piketon’s point-guard
play gives them a Legg up on the competition.

When I look back at this Piketon team the past couple of years,
I think many of their struggles have come in taking care of the
basketball and in distributing the ball to the proper people. The
sophomore and junior seasons for Smith and Brabson seemed
almost uncomfortable for them. They were forced to play major
roles in handling the ball against pressure and in creating
offense for others.

This started to change towards last year’s tournament. The
more Evan Legg started to grow as a floor general the more I
started to see Piketon showing signs of becoming a great team.
Even early this year, certain situations proved that Legg was
the one player that Piketon could not afford to have off the

Like any sophomore, Legg is still learning the game. He is a
player that is so talented in terms of scoring himself that I feel
he is still learning how to be a playmaker while creating his own
offense. There are also times he will struggle with taking care
of the ball; however, he shoulders so much of the ball handling
responsibilities, it really does free up Smith and Brabson to be
more efficient on the offensive end.

Another key Legg brings to this team is his ability to get to the
middle. One of Piketon’s biggest allies has been the
offensive rebound. Legg is so difficult to contain with just one
on-ball defender, he is constantly forcing the opponents’
bigs to step up which gives teams no chance against the
incredibly athletic Piketon frontline.

I admit that I am guilty of sometimes watching basketball with
some point-guard biased eyes, but this kid is a special talent.
He can go left and right, he can finish at the rim, he has a great
midrange game, he is a solid free throw shooter, and he is an
improved three-point shooter.

Even as a sophomore, Legg is not afraid of the big moment.
Piketon has definitely been led to this week’s Final Four by
one of the best scoring pairs in the history of the SVC;
however, as we say goodbye to this dynamic duo, perhaps we
are being introduced to an elite SVC floor general.
Southworth named
Defensive Player of the Year
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By Shayne Combs, SVCsportszone.com