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Last Week's
Honorable Mention
Honorable Mention
Thank you fans for a week
of several votes from
around the SVC. Remember, the
fans help select this award each
week by sending votes to
For the second week in
a row, an elite SVC
setter wins our AOW.
Last week it was Unioto’
s Eberst winning the
honor, and this week, it
is the SE setter as
Goebel leads SE to 11
straight wins before
falling on Saturday
afternoon. Goebel
averaged 11 assists per
set this week and is
currently first in the
league in this category.
Southeastern Lady Panthers
Unioto Shermans
Fall of 2017
The Unioto one man continues
his great play over the past
few weeks. Schobelock carded
a 36 in SVC Match #5 at
Crown Hill. The round led
Unioto to another win as the
Shermans now lead Piketon
by four points in the standings.
Schobelock is also the front
runner for POY as he
currently sits in the top spot
with an average of 37.8.
Also receiving votes this
Kelsie Bossert
(Adena), Riley Black &
Braiden Collins (Huntington),
Kelsey Dunn, Savannah Smith
& Lea McFadden (Paint
Valley), Maci Conley & Ally
Crothers (Piketon), Ella
Skeens, Skylar Hice & Lauren
Goebel (Southeastern), Madi
Eberst (Unioto), Kristin
Phillips, Makinley Trapp &
Darby Beavers (Westfall),
Hannah Unger & Haynna Addy
(Zane Trace)
Carson Stauffer & Austin
Houser, Southeastern
The SE backs
split several votes this week
as the two of them combined
for over 300 yards rushing
and seven touchdowns in a
Week 4 win over Huntington.

Connor Galloway, Piketon
Galloway threw
for 264 yards and three
touchdowns to help Piketon
to its first win of the year.

Also receiving votes this
Emmitt Cunningham
& JD Blevins (Adena), Seth
Beeler (Huntington), Tanner
Veach, Jacob Nichols &
Zane Barker (Piketon), Lane
Ruby & Dalton Chaffin
(Southeastern), Chance
Smith & Gabe Fisher
(Unioto), Brayton Felger &
Matt Walker (Westfall), Eli
Karst, Drew Rittenhouse, Ty
Shanton & Kieran Place
(Zane Trace)
Thank you Herbie Strange for the continued support!
Herbie has been with us from day one (now in 10th year)!