By Shayne Combs,
Stop me if you have heard this before -
The Bearcats now walk through the playoff door.
Listen to the ghost of Copperas Mountain…
recalling past PV sips from the playoff fountain.
Tuscarawas Central Catholic come on down!
You’re the next contestant on this hallow ground.
I am of course referring to George Knisley’s domain.
A place of tradition for a championship claim.

There’s been Kinnamon, Compher, Cowman, Wisecup, and Cook.
Myers, Morris, and Moody as I continue to look.
There’s been Isons and Knisleys to name a few,
There’s been Andersons, McGraths, and some Holberts too.
Newland, Walker, Burke and many memory makers
The McFaddens, the Newsomes, and of course the Shoemakers.
A more modern list - the names roll off the tongue.
There’s been Weisenberger and Tatman, there’s been Bobb and Younge.
The list is too long to mention them all
for our focus is this team and what they’ve accomplished this fall.
Hollon’s current cast of Cats will add to the names,
but the front of the jersey still reads the same.

Don’t stay home in the warmth using the college game as a shield
Watch the high school playoffs where they decide on the field.

ONWARD BEARCATS to Week 12...that will be the story told,
so SVC nation to Bainbridge with your black and gold.