Part II

By Shayne Combs,
Some Saints made the long trip
for a battle in Week 11.
The place was Bainbridge –
the home of football heaven.

The defense recorded a three and out
to start quickly out the gate,
and it was Teagan tough to tackle
and the end zone did await.

TCC answered rapidly
scoring swiftly yes indeed,
and the PAT was good
for their first and only lead.

Fellenstein picked off the momentum,
and the offense knew what to do.
It was Anthony on the keeper,
and Johnson added two.

The Cats broke it open after halftime
with the help of the game’s key play.
It was the first time the PV legends
got involved and had a say.
See the ball was intended for Caleb
and not sure where it would land…
Ghost Copperas guided it perfectly
straight to Tony’s hands.

Two-five would later strike again -
this time on the ground,
and the Fat Lady started warming up
as the Cats were Week 12 bound.

The offense added two more scores
to add to all the glory,
but six takeaways and seven points allowed
was every bit the story.

Next up on the playoff highway -
The Tigers of Shadyside.
The Cats look to claw the top seed
and continue the postseason ride.