ALL-SVC VOLLEYBALL . . . The Official List

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Coach of the Year: Aaron Ridenour
League Champs: Unioto (13-1)
JV Champs: Adena/Unioto (shared at 13-1; split head-to-head)
8th Champs: Adena (13-1)
8th Tournament Champs: Adena
7th Champs: Unioto (14-0)
7th Tournament: Adena

Alexis Overly (SR), Unioto – Player of the Year
Alayna Lytle (SR), Huntington – Defensive Player of the Year
Amanda Curry (SR), Westfall
Kirsten Dawson (SR), Adena
Karee Neff (SR), Unioto
Hannah Phillips (JR), Westfall
Jessica Hutton (SR), Adena
Emily Dresbach (SR), Southeastern
Rikki Magill (SO), Huntington
Alyx Chaffin (SR), Zane Trace
Taylor Overly (SR), Unioto
Mackenna Steinbrook (SR), Unioto
Hannah Wallace (SR), Westfall
Dylana Gragg (JR), Huntington
Jenna Hutton (SR), Adena
Logan Goebel (SR), Southeastern

Honorable Mention

Carly Carroll (SO), Adena
Karli Bower (SR), Adena
Allie Ray (SR), Huntington
Kennedy DeBord (JR), Huntington
Madison Smith (JR), Paint Valley
Serena Gale (SR), Paint Valley
Katie Ward (SR), Piketon
Payton Reuter (JR), Piketon
Ella Skeens (FR), Southeastern
Allison Betkey (JR), Southeastern
Emily Ward (SR), Unioto
Hannah Nelson (SR), Unioto
Cassidy Williams (SR), Westfall
Kelly Fuchs (SR), Westfall
Ashton Ward (SO), Zane Trace
Katie Unger (JR), Zane Trace