For the second straight season, the Unioto
Shermans have been selected the
com Student Section of the Year
. The contest,
which is in its third year, was started in 2009-
2010 with the hope of inspiring some students
around the SVC to form some environments that
would help give the league more of the excitement
that it once had every single night at gyms all over
the league.

In the inaugural season, the Westfall Mustangs
won the contest as the banner found its home at
The Dome. A year ago, it was Unioto winning the
contest rather easily, and this season, the Unioto
students won the award once again as the banner
will remain all of next year.

Throughout the year, SVCsportszone.com
gathered input from coaches, players, fans,
parents, administrators, and even media members
to form the final totals. This year’s contest
was a little more interesting than a year ago. It
seems that more schools are attempting to have
better student sections, and people around the
league have taken notice. The most improved
student section of the year was by far the Pioneers
of Zane Trace. The students at Zane Trace, this
year’s second-place finisher, showed some
great creativity as they have now seemed to figure
out a way to utilize their gym and its space to
accomplish a great atmosphere.

Huntington, Piketon, Southeastern, Adena, and
Paint Valley all were mentioned by some to have
improved, and Westfall – the third-place finisher
- continues to be a school that is very good as
many people were impressed with how the
Mustangs support multiple sports including
volleyball in the fall. Even with all the
improvements in the SVC, Unioto appeared once
again to be the clear-cut winner.

I was asked my opinion on the Unioto students in
a few different emails this season. In my response,
I really attempted to be objective. I first realize the
Unioto enrollment is huge giving them more
students. This obviously helps with the size of their
student section, but their organization is
outstanding and their actual chants and
mannerisms were much improved from last yearâ
€™s section. I will say the one place I thought
they “dropped the ball� was during a
couple of girls’ basketball games this season.
Last year, the students were huge in helping the
girls to wins over Zane Trace and Adena, but this
year in the two Adena games, I thought the
students were no factor. Even with that nitpicking-
comment, I still feel the vote came back near
perfect. Unioto is by far the best in the league that
I have seen, and Zane Trace made huge
improvements this season. After those two, I do
feel Westfall was still solid, and I agree that many
others are getting better but still lack the complete
organization and overall themes that the top
schools showcased on a nightly basis.

Thank you to all the voters for taking the time to
support the competition. Thank you to the
students for the effort in creating some of the old-
school atmospheres that I witnessed this season.
Finally, thank you to the administrators for
approaching the games with an open mind. We
obviously want the kids to cheer in the correct
manner, but I was impressed with how several
administrations started teaching their students
rather than just discouraging a cheering section
from forming for each game. I think this is a great
thing for our league, and I think it encourages kids
to go to games on a Friday night instead of being
out doing who knows what.