A Spring in Our Step
The weather is warming
and spring’s coming back -
athletes out on the diamond
as well as the track.

Spring has
Ross running
with big goals in mind,
Hatfield capping a career
that’s been one of a kind.
The list of stars continues
outcomes easy to call.
There is
Gardner and Jaruwannakorn,
there is
Baker and Hall.

Let’s talk baseball –
A league so elite.
Several good teams –
Adena repeat?
Opponents say no
Irvin or Wolfe
is a pleasant sight to see,
Coach Carroll and Coach Thomas
would probably not agree.
Spring has ridiculous
Unioto pitching
deep enough for all cases.
It has
Collins going deep
and trotting the bases.
Spring has
Yates using five tools
to make all sorts of plays.
It has
Farmer and Thompson
hanging up K’s.
Spring has
Vickers stepping forward
to lead the green and white.
It has a young group of
showing the Big Blue’s future bright.
Spring has
who uses his bat and his arm
to consistently cause opponents
plenty of harm.

As for the softball race,
there is a
Big Bane Theory,
but questions of healthiness
make that a bit leery.
Adena is going for a crazy
hat trick of gold,
but some
rookie pitchers will impact
the standings I’m told.
Rosshirt’s Lady Mustangs are asking
“Remember our tournament run?
It ended in the Sweet 16
by just a single run.�
It'd be crazy to leave out
when talking teams contending...
but who is in it to win it
and who is only pretending?
With all of this uncertainty
it leaves us in the dark,
and a major injury in
adds a question mark.

Batter up – let’s play ball
and on your mark – get set – go.
SVC Sports Talk –
our new podcast show.
I know you are excited,
but keep your composure.
Our podcast gives spring sports
some needed exposure.
Cardo’s Family Fun Center
inside Triple Crown
gives SVCsportszone
a chance to be heard all over town.
Episodes explained all fall and winter
what the league did bring,
and it is sure to do the same
all through the spring.
SVC Sports Talk
returns April 1st