Student Section of the Year would like to thank the coaches, the players, the administrators, and all the other
people who helped select this year’s top student section in the SVC. The students from Unioto take
this year’s award. The defending champion, the students from Westfall, was once again towards the
top of the voting, and Huntington’s students were considered by many to be one of the more
improved student sections in the league.

Within the voting format, the voter was not allowed to vote for their home school. I thought the interesting
thing from the voting is that seven different schools were considered by at least one voter to be the best
students in the league. hopes this means that student sections are becoming popular
again, and SVC atmospheres are starting to become more like the gyms were in the early 1990’s
every night.

Unioto did have a phenomenal group this year. Their size was incredible. They were very organized, and
they were said by many to have solid representation on the road and in the tournament.

For those who are not familiar with the contest, has a banner that is given to the
winning school. Over the past year, Westfall has had the banner hanging in their gym to symbolize their
championship status. Now, the banner will travel south and hang in the gymnasium at Unioto. Starting next
school year, will once again start forming a committee to help select a winner.

Congratulations to the students of Unioto. I would like to congratulate the students of Westfall as well. In
year one of the contest, I thought Westfall set the bar incredibly high. This year, Unioto really went to
another level. I can’t wait for 2012 to see how many different schools become major threats in year
three of the contest.
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