2011 SVCsportszone.com
All-League Girls
By Shayne Combs, admin1@svcsportszone.com
The following list is the opinion of SVCsportszone.com. It in no way reflects the opinion of the coaches around the SVC. Agree or
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Double Driggs: Janae earns POY while
Cyndy takes COY
...Zane Trace a tough
team to put in order
...Top-heavy league
makes all-league spots tough to come by
for bottom half teams...

When picking this year’s all-league
selections for SVCsportszone.com, I feel one of
the easiest selections is at the top with Player
of the Year. Unioto’s
Janae Driggs wins this
award without question. The senior is the
league’s best in both points and steals and
is also a member of the 1,000 point club as she
finishes the regular season in
26th place all-time
with nearly 1,200 career points. Driggs finishes
her career with four league titles.

Next up is Adena’s
Jenny Grigsby. As a
sophomore, I was really impressed with
Grigsby’s consistency. Grigsby scored over
13 points per game while pulling down more
than seven rebounds per contest. As the season
moved into the second half, Grigsby’s
game started to become more versatile, and
she was showing the ability to hit the perimeter
shot, beat people off the dribble, and score in

Joining Driggs and Grigsby on my first-team is
Erin Dailey. Even though Dailey did average 11
points per game, the senior was the one player
in the league who can completely impact a
game without scoring a point. Dailey led the
league with 11.4 rebounds per night as well in
blocks with 4.6 blocks per game. At 6’0�
Dailey can step away from the basket to help
handle it against pressure, and she was second
in steals with an average of over three per
game. My biggest problem with this pick is that
I feel like I am snubbing Dailey’s
Sierra Sigman. As I will explain in the
next paragraph, I do not feel like there is
enough room on the first team for two ZT
players; therefore, I had to decide between
Dailey and Sigman. I love Sigman’s talent,
but I just feel Dailey impacts the game in more

My final two first-teamers are Piketon’s
Alex Southworth and Paint Valley’s Abbie
. Southworth is arguable the league’s
most versatile talent. At 6’0�
Southworth handled the point guard duties for
Piketon as she posted a top five scoring
average in the SVC at over 12 points per game.
She was also the league’s second best
rebounder at nearly nine per game, and she led
the league in assists at five per game. Walls
enjoyed a great senior season. Walls averaged
just less than 16 points per game – a total
that was second best in the league. Walls also
averaged three assists per game. As I get to
the second-team, I feel the next three players â
€“ especially Sigman - all have arguments to
join the first-team; however, I give Southworth
and Walls the nod because of their great
numbers while being asked to do several
different things to help their respective teams

I start the second-team with Sigman. Sigman is
an outstanding talent. She probably doesn’t
influence the game in as many ways as some of
the players in the top five, but her ability to
score in a variety of ways makes her an elite
player in this year’s league. Joining Sigman
in the second five is Adena’s
. I love Smith’s talent as a point
guard. Outside of Driggs, Smith would probably
be a player I would look at if drafting a player
to start a team. She is the league’s best
ball handler and as a junior I feel she has a big
future in front of her. The final member who
definitely has an argument for first-team, but I
will make a member of my second-team, is
Hannah Miller. With Unioto winning the outright
title, Miller’s 12 points and six rebounds
per game makes her a candidate for the top-

Rounding out my second team is Piketon’s
Tori Pelphrey and Zane Trace’s Kelsey
. Pelphrey had a nice senior season
averaging 10 points and six rebounds a night.
Dunkle averaged 11 points per game while
knocking down the most threes of any
individual in the SVC.

The theme of my third team would have to be
leadership. The third five starts with a senior
who won a lot of basketball games in the last
four years in Adena’s
Brytan Givens.
Givens scored nearly nine points per game
while providing senior leadership for the young
Lady Warriors. Continuing with the senior
theme, I believe Unioto’s
Maddie Davis
deserves a third-team slot. Davis has had some
statistical impact this season, but her biggest
impact in my opinion comes with her versatility
on the defensive end. Throughout the season, I
have seen Davis guarding some of the elite
post players in the league as well as using her
length and quickness to lockdown some of the
elite perimeter shooters in the league. I follow
Davis with another Lady Sherman in
. Gumm is so vital to Unioto’s
defense, and I think the thing that makes her a
must for my top-15 is her ability to make plays
when the game is on the line. Gumm’s FTs
against Zane Trace and her late lay-up against
Adena are a few examples of how valuable she
was to Unioto’s outright title run.  I
complete my all-league squad with
Sophie McCorkle and Paint
Dacia Posey. McCorkle averaged
nine points and nine rebounds while playing
with a really young team. Posey really came on
strong at the end of her senior season. Poseyâ
€™s average is now pushing double figures
while grabbing almost six rebounds.

The final two spots could belong to several
different players depending on who you ask.
For me, I looked at several young kids such as
Natalie Cooper and Michelle Ackley,
or Piketon’s freshman
K.K. Jenkins who
averaged double-figures in her rookie season. I
also thought hard about Southeastern’s
Erin Uhrig who had a great second half of the
season, but in the end, I found myself going
with two more seniors.

Perhaps my biggest snub is Zane Trace’s
Jenna Wiget. I know a lot of people would have
been unhappy with Zane Trace getting four
especially considering they didn’t earn a
piece of the title, but I feel ZT had four all-
league players whereas many of the other top
teams had much more depth of talent. Wiget
was a factor in all the categories that a coach
would want from a floor general. Wiget
averaged nearly three assists, two steals, was a
top-five FT shooter in the league, and was also
one of the league’s elite three-point
shooters all year long as well. In the end, Wiget
is probably a victim of numbers, because the
argument becomes Unioto being the most
deserving of having four in the top-15.

I did not forget about Westfall and Huntington.
As for the Lady Mustangs, I was really close in
going with
Paige Swaggerty in the 15th spot. I
think Westfall has five or six players who are
going to come together in the next few years to
form a really good team. As for Huntington, I
liked the ability of
Alley Collins to make the
three-point shot, but in the end, I made the
decision to go with McCorkle and Posey in my
final two spots.

Honorable Mention
Natalie Cooper, Michelle Ackley
Alley Collins, Logan Hutson
Paint Valley:
Amber Lewis, Charlene Stout
K.K. Jenkins, Elisha Manley
Erin Uhrig, Keisha Brown
Mallory Retherford, Tori Cox
Paige Swaggerty, Alex Phillips
Zane Trace:
Jenna Wiget, Hayley Carle

My Coach of the Year goes to Unioto’s
Cyndy Driggs. Driggs did an amazing job in a
short amount of time getting her kids to adjust
to losing
Mackenzie Arledge. To shoulder that
kind of adversity early in the season and still
win the league by two games is quite an

Another thought on this topic is the fact that
this year’s league had some great coaching
going on from top to bottom. Adena’s
had some late changes on his roster, but
was able to get his team to adjust. People who
have read the website throughout the year
know the great job that I think Zane Traceâ
Joe Dunkle and Piketon’s Brett Coreno
have done with their teams. Finally, I am
starting to see the bottom half of the league
possess some teams that are stockpiling some
young talent. Coaches are showing some great
patience and it is going to make for a really
good top-to-bottom league here in a few years.