2011 SVCsportszone.com
All-League Boys
By Shayne Combs, admin1@svcsportszone.com
The following list is the opinion of SVCsportszone.com. It in no way reflects the opinion of the coaches around the SVC. Agree or
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In putting together my all-league list for the
boys, I felt the start of the list, with the
Player of the Year as well as the top five,
was a fairly easy process; however, as I
moved down the list, I started to struggle
as the parity of this year’s league
which followed Piketon made the
remainder of the list somewhat difficult to

First, I obviously start with
Evan Legg.
This is a no-brainer as Legg not only is the
best player in this year’s league, but
honestly made his mark as one of the
league’s all-time best. Legg averaged
over 23 points per game to become a
10 SVC scorer in the history of the
conference. Joining Legg on my first-team
will be four players who could really go in
whatever order you want them, but it is a
quartet that deserves a top-five spot in this
year’s all-league. The four players are
Michael Brown,
Brick Davis, Paint Valleyâ
Logan Markko, and Huntingtonâ
Dylan Gragg.

Brown had a great year. With Southeastern
facing some early-season adversity, it was
Brown who stepped to the front and took
this team to another level. Brown, just a
junior, scored 18 points per game while
pulling down nearly eight boards each
night. Davis had a great season while
leading Unioto to an outright second-place
finish. Davis averaged 15 and nine in terms
of points and rebounds as the 6-3 senior
proved to be one of the toughest match-
ups in this year’s league. Markko led
Paint Valley to its best basketball season in
nine years. The senior center scored just
less than 16 points while recording close to
10 rebounds each game. Markko also
blocked almost three shots per night.
Gragg, a first-teamer from a year ago, once
again proved to be one of the league’s
most consistent players. Gragg posted 17
points and eight rebounds per night while
leading his Huntington team to an outright
third-place finish.

In the second five, I start with one of the
league’s elite athletes in Piketon’s
Keenan Brush. Brush is a versatile
defender who protects the rim, defends a
variety of players, and helps on the glass as
well. Brush is joined by Unioto’s
Christian Dunkle. Dunkle is one of the
league’s top shooters as the senior
finished in the top-five of the SVC in three-
pointers made. Perhaps I dropped Westfallâ
€™s top selection a little too far, but I did
so because I felt like they had two guys
who were fairly close; therefore, I am
going to go
Derek Robertson and Alek
on the second-team together.
Robertson is currently sixth in the SVC in
scoring while Stonerock is a few boards
shy of averaging a double-double in points
and rebounds. The final spot in the second
five will go to Piketon’s
. Moore, just a sophomore, was
second on Piketon’s team in scoring at
just under 10 points per game. Moore also
grabs four rebounds per contest from his
guard position.

I start the third-team with another
sophomore in Huntington’s
. Vickers has been one of the
league’s top three-point shooters all
year giving Huntington an outside threat to
complement the presence of Gragg in the
middle. In the next spot, the sophomore
class continues to show up as Southeasternâ
Nick Kellough earns an all-league
spot. Kellough is a top-10 scorer in this
year’s league while helping
Southeastern to a still-possible top-half
finish. Paint Valley earns the next spot, but
the problem here was deciding which
Bearcat to go with. I thought
had a nice senior season as well
Aaron Claytor, who probably would
have earned this spot if not for the injury-
plagued senior season; however, I will go
Garett Tyree in this spot. I feel Tyree
does the most things to impact the game.
Tyree averaged 10 points per game while
leading PV in free throw shooting, threes
made, and steals.

I really struggled with the 14th and 15th
spots. With this year’s parity in the
league, I hate to shutout two teams, but
both do not have a clear-cut best player.
With Zane Trace you could make an
argument for
Jesson Hill, Ian Carle, Wes
, or even Brandon Cox. Not to
Joel Tripp and Colton
who would have probably
been two all-league talents if not for
injuries. With Adena,
Michael Bryant had
a nice season when he was able to play as
Auston Hottinger. After thinking
about the parity in this year’s league
one last time, I returned to the top teams in
Piketon and Unioto. With the Redstreaks
winning the gold ball and winning the
league by four games, I feel the 14th spot
goes to
Jamie Helton. Helton, who
averaged seven points per game, edges out
Jared Vulgamore and Zach
for this spot because of his senior
leadership and defensive contributions.
Helton dominated the “little things�
for the league champs as he recorded 3.5
rebounds, 1.5 steals, and 1.5 assists.

The final spot goes to Unioto’s
. I thought hard about guards
Cole Murray and Corbin Hill because I
thought Unioto’s guard play was really
important this year as was senior leadership
from guys like
Cody Strange and Nick
, but Detillion’s frontline presence
played a huge role in Unioto’s outright
second-place finish.

As for honorable mention, I definitely think
Auston Hottinger (probably
my biggest snub as he finished 16th on my
list) should make this list. For Huntington I
like the
Campbell twins – Blake and
, and Paint Valley’s Caleb
is worthy of mention as well. The
SVC champions earn honorable mention
spots for
Jared Vulgamore and Zach
. For Southeastern, I believe Will
and Steven Hall make the list,
and Unioto’s solid backcourt of
and Corbin Hill should as well.
Westfall has two worthy of mention with
Zak Smith and Neal Hegarty, and lastly,
ZT has several worthy of honorable
mention so I will mention
Jesson Hill, Ian
, and Wes Beam.

Finally, I get to the Coach of the Year. At
18-2 overall including a perfect SVC mark,
I will go with
Coach Lisath. Even when
coaching the league’s best talent, it isnâ
€™t always easy to keep 15, 16, and 17-
year old kids focused on the task at hand.
Piketon was highlighted on everyone’s
schedule, but the Redstreaks passed every
test to earn the title.

I also feel Huntington’s
Rick Uhrig
did a wonderful job in helping his
Huntsmen to a third-place finish. I realize
several teams had discipline issues, grade
problems, and injuries that all shook-up the
SVC standings, but Huntington found a
way to steer clear of all the adversity to
post an overachieving 13-7 overall record.