By Shayne Combs,
Nothing like the start of winter
as we say goodbye to fall.
Walking just outside the gym,
I hear the bouncing of the ball.
That sound is just pure poetry -
It definitely fills a need,
and it gets my mind thinking
how will each roster read.
In today’s time so many kids quit playing â
a decision I just don’t get.
It often is later learned by many
it is a decision that most regret.
I say play them all –
Be a three-sport athlete.
It only makes you better
at learning how to compete.
I just think the one-sport focus
is simply not a good reason,
but I’ll get off my soapbox and back to
for I am ready for the season.
In girls I am hearing
that it’s just a two-team race.
As Unioto and Adena
should provide the league its pace.
With no Janae or no Big Mac
Unioto hopes to reload.
As they hope this year’s path will lead them
down another championship road.
Adena does seem ready
to have none of that jive.
If it is up to the two-shade blue
there will be no drive for five.
Are Southworth and the Streaks
ready to become a legit contender,
or are the top two so elite
that all others are just pretenders?
It seems weird not to have Zane Trace
in the talk of the title buzz.
They may not actually win the league,
but they may decide who does.
Then there are several other teams
knocking on the top half door.
It is too close to call on paper,
so we’ll see how it goes on the floor.
On the boys’ side…
Things are not so easy to call.
I have heard some folks say
that Zane Trace can win it all.
Some like the title talk
to be taken by the Tanks,
but it is really hard to say
where Unioto truly ranks.
Gragg and the green
are in the mix as well,
but the race is so wide open
it’s really tough to tell.
Though the league does lack a great team,
it does seem to be much deeper.
With the Leggless streaks still contending
and Southeastern as the sleeper.

This year also has new coaches
that the league will give a hello.
They’re all familiar SVC faces
that most of us already know.
For boys we have Smith and Rinehart,
they are the only two.
For girls we have Bridenbaugh and Holbert
as well as Miller and Blue.

So enough with all this preseason stuff
let’s play the games for real.
I’ll be in the gym seven days a week,
but for me that is a good deal.