*Named by District 14 Coaches
Westfall's Cobb, Adena's Cory both earn Player of the Year honor
The District All Star Match, which features only senior players, will be played at Waverly High
School campus on Monday, November 14th at 7pm. Awards ceremonies for the players and all
district winners after the match. Admission will be $3 for adults and $2 for students and senior
In combined Divisions 1 & 2, the Player of the Year Olivia Cobb of Westfall
(will not play in all-star match; only seniors can play - Cobb is a junior)
First Team
Olivia Cobb- Westfall
Alex Phillips- Westfall*
Alex Roback- Waverly*
Alyssa Oates- Chillicothe*
Carley Laswell- Washington CH*
Lauren Stout- Unioto*
Waverly's Natalie Newton- District Coach of the Year.
Roback and Oates will represent Divisions 2 and 1 in State All Star Match

Second Team
Halie King- Logan Elm*
Kelsey Dugan- Washington CH
Olivia Beavers- Westfall*
Kala Hall- Waverly
Jamie Hyden- Unioto*
Sydney Coman- Unioto

D-1 & 2 Honorable Mentions:
Ashton Riffle- Logan Elm
Maddi Glendening- Chillicothe
Kayla Riffe- Waverly
Molli Shaw- Washington CH
Parisa Bennett- Chillicothe

*District All Star Match

In Division 3, Adena's Cadie Cory is Player of the Year
and will also play in the D-3 District & State All Star Matches.
First Team
Cadie Cory- Adena*
Olivia Arledge- Adena*
Jackie Kellough- Huntington
Merrilee Dresbach- Southeastern*
Hayley Carle- Zane Trace
Lauren Wolford- Lucasville Valley*
Adena's Laura Smith- Coach of the Year

Second Team
Cara Coy- Adena*
Zoey Zickafoose- Huntington*
Delaney Spetnagel - Zane Trace
Abby Louden- North Adams
Rachael Moos- Northwest*
Erica Schmidt- Wheelersburg*

Third Team
Alayna Lyte- Huntington
Halie Ingram- Huntington
Jenny Grigsby- Adena
Madie Arledge- Southeastern
Devin Unger- Zane Trace*
Carrie Coriell- Lucasville Valley*

Honorable Mentions:
Michelle Ackley- Adena
Emily Dresabach- Southeastern
Heather Bayer- Eastern Brown
Sidney Pell- Peebles
Taylor Baker- Paint Valley
Aleah Pelphrey- Piketon
Katie McFarland- Peebles
Katherine Meriwether- Portsmouth

*District All Star Match

In Division 4, Brooke Scott of South Webster is the Player of the Year
and will play in the District and State All Star Matches.
First Team
Brooke Scott- South Webster*
Chandler Brown- Eastern Pike
Rhyanna Day- Eastern Pike
Brittany Mounts- Eastern Pike
Erin Homerosky- South Webster*
Erin Monroe- Portsmouth Notre Dame*
Janet Day of Eastern Pike is Coach of the Year.

Second Team
Miranda Clark- Eastern Pike
Whitney Hanekrat- Leesburg Fairfield*
Mariah Sullivan- South Webster
Haley Potters- South Webster
Meriah Kirk- Manchester*
Sarah Pelfrey- Portsmouth Clay

For D-4 Honorable Mentions:
Kala Hall- Western*
Haylee Murphy- South Webster
Libby Welsh- Portsmouth Notre Dame
Katie Keyser- Portsmouth Notre Dame
Mariah Tacket- Portsmouth Clay
Christine Hamilton- Whiteoak
Kiersten McGraw- Glenwood
Sydney Corzatt- Leesburg Fairfield
Andrea Marchyn- Portsmouth Notre Dame
Kelli Jenkins- Western

*District All Star Match