All-District Volleyball 2010
The All Star Match participants will be playing on Monday, November 15 at Waverly High School at
7:00 p.m.
Divisions I & II District 14:

First Team
Madison Davis - Unioto*
Kristen McCarty - Unioto*
Brenda Detty - Chillicothe*
Alex Roback - Waverly
Darian Harris - Waverly*
Madison Brown - Wash CH*
Jessie Lewis - Wash CH*

Second Team
Alyssa Oates - Chillicothe
Erin Barnes - Chillicothe*
Lauren Leeth - Chillicothe*
Halie King - Logan Elm
Morgan Wyckoff - Miami Trace

Honorable Mention
Nikki Young - Logan Elm
Kala Hall - Waverly
Rachel Smith - Miami Trace
Mariah Mace - Miami Trace

Coach of the Year: John Buyer - Washington
Player of the Year: Madison Davis - Unioto
Representative to the State All Star Match
Division I: Brenda Detty - Chillicothe
Representative to the State All Star Match
Division II: Madison Davis - Unioto
Division III District 14:

First Team
Cadie Cory - Adena
Megan Fultz - Huntington
Olivia Cobb - Westfall
Hannah Gabriel - Westfall
Carly Miller - Wheelersburg
Molly Knapp - Wheelersburg

Second Team
Kelsey Bielanow - Adena*
Cara Coy - Adena
Merrilee Dresbach - Southeastern
Devan Scarberry - Northwest*
Lauren Dunn - Valley*
Alisha Riley - Northwest*

Third Team
Jenna Wiget - Zane Trace*
Taylor Shewalter - Huntington*
Jackie Kellough - Huntington
Kalyn Bailey - Wheelersburg*
Ally McFarland - North Adams*
Lauren Wolford - Valley

Honorable Mention
Olivia Arledge - Adena
Hayley Carle - Zane Trace
Sierra Sigman - Zane Trace
Alex Phillips - Westfall
Morgan Jones - Southeastern
Alex Southworth - Piketon
Corey Turner - Wheelersburg
Paige Daulton - North Adams
Caitlyn Baldwin - West Union
Shaylin McDaniels - Peebles
Heather Bayer - Eastern Brown
Abigail Donahoe - Minford

Coach of the Year: Carol Bialkowski -
Player of the Year: Carly Miller -
Representative to the State All Star Match:
Carly Miller - Wheelersburg
Division IV District 14:

First Team
Courtney Rowe - Eastern Pike*
Rachel Staker - Eastern Pike*
Brooke Scott - South Webster
Sarah Pelfrey - Clay
Kelcie Hawk - Western*
Erin Homerosky - South Webster

Second Team
Rhyanna Day - Eastern Pike
Jessica Caplinger - White Oak*
Jessica Arnold - Clay*
Alison Suttles - Green*
Chandler Brown - Eastern Pike
Mariah Sullivan - South Webster

Honorable Mention
Abbie Walls - Paint Valley
Taylor Baker - Paint Valley
Kala Hall - Western
Brittany Tolliver - White Oak
Kaci McNutt - Glenwood
Sami Evans - Glenwood
Haylee Murphy - South Webster

Coach of the Year: Janet Day - Eastern Pike
Player of the Year: Courtney Rowe - Eastern
Representative to the State All Star Match:
Courtney Rowe - Eastern Pike
*District All Star
Match Participant