Winter of 2009-2010 - Week 11
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Athletes of the
Last Week's
The Huntington senior
delivered a big night in her
final career home game.
Vickers scored 23 points to
lead the green and white to a
47-45 SVC win over
The senior center scored 17
points in Zane Trace's win
over Westfall Friday night.
You could tell from the emails
this week that Chamberlin's
rebounding and defense have
played a key role in ZT's great
season, and his energy is
something the ZT fans really
Honorable Mention
Autumn Smith, Adena (Basketball):
Smith just missed being this week's
winner. The sophomore scored 19 points
in the big win over Unioto, and then
added 13 points in a win over Westfall.

Dacia Posey, Paint Valley
Like Smith, this PV
junior was close this week as well.
Posey scored 14 points in PV's upset
win over Lynchburg Clay. Posey
knocked down the game-winner with
just under 10 seconds to go.

Jenny Grigsby, Adena (Basketball):
Last week's winner was in the mix again.
Grigsby scored 20 points in the Unioto
win and 12 points against Westfall.

Janae Driggs, Unioto (Basketball):
The junior guard scored 25 points in
Unioto's first and only loss this season.
Driggs has now helped lead Unioto to
three straight titles in as many years.

Jenna Wiget, Zane Trace
Wiget scored 16 points in
ZT's win over Piketon this week.

Also getting votes this week: Sophie
McCorkle & Merrilee Dresbach
, Mackenzie Arledge
, Brytan Givens (Adena),
Whitney Hollon (Paint Valley)
Honorable Mention
Devin Willard, Unioto (Basketball):
Willard just missed out on being this
week's winner. He scored 20 points in
Friday's win over Paint Valley.

Zak Smith, Westfall (Basketball):
Despite the loss to ZT, Smith scored 24
points, grabbed 10 rebounds, and blocked
six shots.

Dylan Gragg, Huntington
The sophomore scored 19
points in about three quarters of playing
time in Friday's win against Adena and
then scored 13 of his team's 34 points in
Saturday's win over Unioto.

Kirk Maxwell, Zane Trace
The senior scored 26
points in Friday's win over Westfall. He
also scored 20 points in a win over

Also getting votes this week: Tyler
Osborne & Michael Brown
, Gabe Haynes (Zane
, C.J. Seymour (Huntington),
Aaron Claytor (Paint Valley),
Legg (Piketon)