Winter of 2009-2010 - Week 10
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Last Week's
The Adena rookie scored 17
points as the Warriors rolled
to a victory over Westfall.
Grigsby leads all SVC
freshmen in scoring at just
less than 10 points per game.
The Lady Warriors are
currently 11-6.
The weather only allowed
three games to happen this
week for the boys, and in one
of those games Maier scored
13 points and grabbed 10
rebounds to lead his
Shermans to their seventh win
of the season.
Honorable Mention
Makenzie Arledge, Unioto
With Unioto clinching the
title, several emails came in for Unioto
players. Arledge scored 27 points,
grabbed 15 rebounds, and recorded four

Janae Driggs, Unioto (Basketball):
The junior guard scored 18 points in the
clinching win over Piketon.

Catherine Dresbach, Southeastern
The senior scored 12
points to lead a big second half
comeback against PV in a 41-40 SE win.
She also had 15 points and 10 rebounds
in a win over Wellston.

Also getting votes this week: Alex
Southworth (Piketon)
, Chloe Cottrell
, Makenzie Wippel (Westfall),
Sierra Sigman (Zane Trace), Abbie
Walls (Paint Valley),
Vickers (Huntington)
Honorable Mention
Kirk Maxwell, Zane Trace
Maxwell just missed
winning this award again this week. The
senior scored 22 points and dished out
seven assists and recorded seven
rebounds in a 30-point win over South

Dylan Gragg, Huntington
The sophomore scored 18
points and pulled down 12 rebounds in a
win over Lynchburg Clay.

Drew Davis, Zane Trace (Basketball):
Davis and Maxwell seemed to split some
votes this week, but both were very
deserving. Davis scored 18 points in the
win over South Point.

Also getting votes this week: Devin
Willard & Christian Dunkle (Unioto)
Gabe Haynes (Zane Trace)
, Michael
Brown (Southeastern)